Why travel solo?

The world is an amazing place.  So many places to see and go and so many experiences to have.  Travelling solo has taught me that if I wait for others I’ll never go anywhere.  It was a bit scary at first, especially as I’d never done it before, but when I got over my fear and took that big step out of my comfort zone, my world changed forever and for the better. I have more confidence, the ability to adapt to situations faster, new friends all over the world and a greater appreciation of life and my place and potential in it.  The thought now of going through life without experiencing all I can is way scarier than not taking that leap of faith and doing a solo trip

Get out of your comfort zone

Travelling gets us out of our routines and letting go can be good for our health.  Solo travel requires you to take a much bigger step out of your comfort zone and away from the safety and security of what you know and expect.  This is when the Magic happens…

Solo travel is the ultimate freedom and adventure

Travelling with others is cool but you end up making a lot of compromises with your trip,  As a solo traveller, you have the freedom to do what you want when you want. You are the sole creator of your journey on your own timetable and the possibilities are endless. Want to stay on that island longer or go see that city, just do it.  If I like a place and its people I can stay longer and if I don’t I can just leave and go somewhere else

Being alone and getting to know yourself

When there just you, you need to be comfortable with your own company which for many of us involves a good deal of introspection. You gain a greater understanding of who YOU are and what makes you tick.

Building confidence

Travelling solo leads to more confidence and independence, from learning to plan a trip and navigate your way across a big city or country, we also have to learn to take sole responsibility for ourselves and the decisions we make. I’ve made many mistakes, some expensive and stupid decisions when travelling and learnt some very good lessons as a result.

Being present

If there is one thing solo travel has shown me, it is how to be present – in the here and now.  Staying present gives us deeper use of all our senses and a heightened sense of awareness so we are able to fully experience what is happening around us and to us.  We understand that nothing is permanent and that change is inevitable. 


Being spontaneous leads to flexibility as we become more readily adapt to changing circumstances. Being spontaneous has taken me on some wild and unexpected journeys.  Had I held back I wouldn’t have hiked that volcano in another country or gone on that road trip. 

You get to meet more people and cooler people

Have you ever been out with a group and just talked to them all night?  It is easier to stick to our friends than it is to make an effort and talk to someone new.  Solo travellers are more outgoing and open and when you meet them there is so much to talk about as you can share stories and information about where you’ve all been and where are you headed to next.  Making new friends from different places broadens our horizons.  We get to know how good our interpersonal and communication skills really are and what needs some work. 

Solo travelling is liberating and empowering and it changes us. We return with a better understanding of different cultures, awesome memories, a greater appreciation of our own countries and families and more respect for the planet on which we all live.

If you pick up one tip that helps you have a more EPIC trip then it has all been worth it.

Not quite ready to Solo Travel just yet?  Then join me on one of our tours or retreats!