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I’m Sharon, a professional Reiki practitioner based in East Auckland, New Zealand.  I love facilitating Reiki energy sessions because of the positive changes I see in my clients on their healing journey.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, vibrational, hands-on healing practice that supports the body’s self-healing ability.  Reiki promotes physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being and helps to create balance in the body.

Reiki may assist in the following:

Reduction of stress and anxiety;
Management of pain;
Improved sleep;
Replenished energy levels and increased vitality;
Enhanced sense of well-being.

I offer Reiki treatments as a complementary therapy and they can be integrated into any plan to support improved health. One or a series of treatments may be required.

What to expect from a treatment?

You will lay on a massage bed fully clothed. (Blankets and pillows are available for your comfort). I will place my hands lightly on or near your body allowing a free flow of universal energy. The energy that is channelled during our healing sessions allows your body to relax and rest promoting the body’s self-healing ability deeply.

Reiki is felt differently by everyone. Some describe it as heat felt on the skin or a vibration through the body.  Some people see colours or images during a session, and others fall asleep!

Most people leave our treatment sessions feeling lighter, more focused and more peaceful.

East Auckland Reiki

Located in Pakuranga Heights, East Auckland, Auckland

Cash and internet banking accepted

Opening special – 1st session $60.00 (one hour) thereafter $70.00
5-session concession card $300.00 (valid for 3 months)

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