We care about our planet, the people that live on it, nature and the environment and the impact we as travellers have on it.

We aim to help support and empower Local Communities.  We do this by partnering with local businesses in an effort to redistribute income from tourism to help create local jobs and a living wage.  We ensure that our tours and the companies we partner with have similar values to our own.

We are committed to preserving culture. Every tour we create, and every experience we offer, takes into account the impact it has on local communities, to ensure that it remains positive and minimal.

We value the knowledge and passion that people have of their own cultures. They hold a country’s heritage and customs together. On every journey, we use local guides and local field experts.

We support local businesses and we buy directly from locally owned businesses and markets.

We boycott exploitative wildlife attractions such as elephant trekking, or photographs with tigers and any other activity that holds a wild animal in captivity for the purposes of tourism. 

We ensure that both ourselves and all who travel with us, are respectful of the people and cultures that welcome us.

We aim to educate our guests as to wastage and overconsumption of valuable local resources in the areas we tour to ensure that our visit has minimal effect on the environment.  

We believe sustainable and responsible travel matters.

We give back 5% of our profits to local communities.

We support BAWA (Bali Animal Welfare Association) in Bali https://bawabali.com/  Phangan Animal Care in Thailand https://www.pacsthailand.com/ and Movement on the Ground in the Netherlands, a great foundation responding to the humanitarian crisis happening in Europe and the Middle East. https://movementontheground.com/