Travel your way with Solo Kiwi Ventures

I’m Sharon from Auckland, New Zealand. One of my goals is to inspire you to travel, either with a small group or as a solo female traveller. Fearlessly, Safely and EPICALLY!!  

I’ve seen some wicked sights but more importantly, I’ve met the most amazing people and had those life-changing experiences that have taken my breath away and transformed me forever!  

Back then I ran a successful personal training business and helped people achieve their goals, but there was still something missing in my life. So at the age of 42, I took off to Thailand for a month to complete yoga teacher training.  Falling in love with the warm weather and the warm sea, I had the most amazing time. However, I returned home more unsettled and lost than when I left.  

I knew I had to make some big changes.  

There was a big wide world out there and I had a strong desire to see more of it but I had no one to go with and no idea how to do it by myself.  I was also scared as I had never really travelled. I wanted to be more than just a tourist, I wanted to travel in my own way and on my own terms. So I did…  

In 2011 I took the plunge and set out on my own adventure! 8 years and 27 countries later, I’ve never looked back. I’ve since lived and worked in the UK. Volunteered everywhere from a horse-ranch in Mexico to a yoga retreat on the beautiful island of Koh Phangan in Thailand and a refugee camp in Greece.  

I began to realize how many women WANT to travel but have no one to travel with.  I also was finding that as I got older it was getting a little bit harder to meet people – don’t get me wrong as I have the CONFIDENCE needed to get out of my comfort zone, put myself out there and meet people BUT it was taking a little more effort as a lot of the travellers I was meeting were very young and a lot of them tended to keep to themselves and their groups.

Early in 2018, I set up Solo Kiwi Ventures, a small boutique travel company designed for the older solo female traveller.  By coming with us on our small overseas tours and retreats, you too can have an EPIC adventure or a rejuvenating retreat knowing there’s a group of like-minded “Wise Women” beside you cheering you on!

One thing about me is that I like to have a VARIETY of experiences. I am active and like pushing my own boundaries in places and at other times I like a quieter pace of travel and activities. It’s a Yin and Yang situation reflected in the Retreats and Tours I host!

I also hold workshops and run courses on helping people like YOU have the confidence to follow your own travel path.  

Feel free to send me a message for more information


Solo Kiwi Ventures