Solo Kiwi Ventures tours and retreats are designed for women just like you

Tours & Retreats for Women 40+ are designed for a small group  (8-10 max) of mature like-minded women who are open to a new adventure and experience.  

As an older female myself, I know what it’s like to have the desire to travel but no one to travel with, or what it’s like to wait around for friends who say they will travel with me and then don’t, or to go on a tour only to be surrounded by 20-year-olds who just want to party, or go to that “bucket list” destination with no one to share the experience with & have to ask a stranger to take your photo!

On our Tours & Retreats for Women 40+, you are safe to explore, learn new skills, find inner and outer balance, and nourish your body and soul, while having tonnes of fun!

By traveling to new destinations, embracing a new culture, and making new friends from around the world, we open ourselves up to a life filled with endless possibilities.

Embrace the spontaneity that travel brings us – for it is life-changing

people outside a house in Mytilene
New friends and neighbours, Mytilene, Greece

sailing on a felucca Nile River
Sailing on a felucca down the mighty Nile river

Take the opportunity to participate in great activities, some physical and some not so physical, share in the best that Mother Nature has to offer with all her natural wildness and beauty. 

Soak up the local culture and take part in local workshops and classes and of course, have some fun!

Enjoy a cocktail or two as you chill out to some of the world’s best sunsets.

We are a strong supporter of sustainable and eco-friendly travel and in giving back to the local community via service or a % of our tours.

Travel like a local, have fun, view amazing sights, and meet and make authentic connections with people from all over the world


Pyco Lyer, travel writer

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