Women’s tours and retreats for over 40’s in Bali & Rarotonga are specifically designed for women in the prime of their lives!!

Hosted retreats and tours for the older female who dreams of being Queen of her own destiny

Are you an empty nester? Divorced? Want to go away without your family?

Want to travel but have no one to travel with?

Want to get out and see the world but are worried that you have to do it alone?

Perhaps you just need a break?

Then don’t do it alone!

Instead, join me and 8-10 mature female travellers as we soak up the beauty and the culture that Bali & Rarotonga has to offer…

The Lost City of Petra, Jordan

Let’s Travel!

As a woman, the idea of travelling alone can be intimidating. There is always a little bit of fear lurking. Maybe you’ll be lonely or unable to handle unexpected situations. Perhaps you won’t meet anyone else to chat to. Maybe you won’t be able to navigate the local transport network.

Or maybe you will have the best time of your life!

If you have always dreamed of travelling but worry it’s too late, or that don’t have anyone to go with, then stop feeling the fear!

What if there was someone who could join you, gently guide you out of your comfort zone, help you build the skills and empower you to become a confident traveller and stay safe while doing it?

That someone is me, so let’s hit the trail!

Solo Kiwi Ventures is designed to help women in the prime of their life fulfil their travel dreams, whether it’s becoming part of our Travel Tribe of like-minded Wise Women or embarking on that transformational solo trip!

If you aren’t quite ready to embark on that transformational solo trip, then join one of our small group tours where you have the security of the group but are still free to do your own thing!

Small-Group Travel With A Difference

I host tours and retreats for women over 40 who dream of getting out of their comfort zone but need some encouragement.

Not everybody wants to join an action-packed trip that sees every hour planned in detail. Our itineraries are more relaxed. You will have time to soak up the fantastic locations you stay in and fully embrace your life-changing journey.

We can do as much — or as little — as you’d like. Our philosophy is that it’s all about you, providing you with the opportunities to explore our destination, culture, and activities, and of course, lots of downtimes to relax and unwind.

What’s different about our Tours & Retreats?

Our Retreats are based in one beautiful location and organised around YOU! Our yoga classes are structured for the older (and wiser) female body and our activities are more relaxed with our flexible itinerary.

Our Tours are faster-paced and you can expect to stay in several locations with a more active and more physical itinerary – you can be as active as you wish (or not) but you will need to be able to carry your bag over short distances and enter and exit a boat with assistance from the boat crew

No matter whether you are on a Tour or a Retreat, our accommodation is always 4-star and a combination of single rooms or twin-share is available

The Solo Kiwi Ventures Story

My name is Sharon, and I have visited 28 countries as a solo traveller. But my adventures started later in life than most.

At the age of 42, I visited Thailand to train as a yoga teacher. That experience ignited my desire to see more of the world. I was scared but determined to see the world as more than just a tourist on my own terms. So I did…

Since then, I’ve been all over the world, and I’ve never looked back. Pushing outside my comfort zone changed my life.

I know how challenging solo travel can be, particularly for women and especially for older females.

I set up Solo Kiwi Ventures to help women build confidence and authentic connections through travel. Together, our custom small group tours empower women to have fun while experiencing the magic and wonder of the world.

Let Us Inspire And Empower You

Solo Kiwi Ventures offers custom, small group tours to the more mature ladies who want a safe, supportive, and fun travel journey.

Join us on a life-changing adventure as you explore exotic places, immerse yourself in other cultures, and make lifelong friendships.

Have I got you feeling a flicker of excitement and an urge to know more about our Retreats and Tours? Then message me for a chat about our upcoming trips, or join our mailing list to get inspired.

We offer tours and retreats for all budgets and travel experiences. Check out our trips.